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Look for Me in the Stars

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Moss Agate + Angelite + Garnet + Raw Citrine Pendant

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Its connected to nature and helps us to see abundance everywhere and attract it. It's a stone of wealth. Promotes self expression and creativity while releasing fear and self doubt. 

Angelite connects us to the angelic realm and increases our intuition and enhances telepathic communication. It's filled with compassion and creates a feeling of deep peace and alignment. It helps us to speak our truth and find divinity everywhere. 

Garnet is a deeply healing and energizing stone that balances and restores energy. It opens the heart and alleviates emotional disharmony while inspiring love and devotion. 

Citrine carries the energy of the sun! Its energizing, cleansing and balancing. A stone of abundance, it helps us to manifest our deepest desires including prosperity and success. Citrine promotes joy, creativity and self esteem and awakens the higher mind.