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Look for Me in the Stars

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Lapis + Labradorite + Garnet + Raw Amethyst Pendant 

Lapis is a stone of deep peace and serenity. It is opens the third eye and is helpful in dreamwork as well as contacting spirit guides and angels. It reveals inner truth and promotes higher states of consciousness. Brings qualities of compassion, integrity and honesty. 

Labradorite is a magical and powerful stone. It awakens creativity and imagination and is a strong connector to higher realms. It raises consciousness and is known as the bringer of light. 

Garnet is a deeply healing and energizing stone that balances and restores energy. It opens the heart and alleviates emotional disharmony while inspiring love and devotion. 

Amethyst is strongly connected to the divine and in turn awakens the divine within. It has very strong cleansing and healing powers. Excellent for meditation, it opens up intuition and psychic abilities. A protective stone that transmutes negative energy into pure love.