What is the shipping policy?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for an order to ship. It will be shipped via FedEx Parcel Post. You can contact us for rush and international shipping orders by emailing sales@domestic-construction.com 

What is the return policy?

Grounded Floor Mats: Each mat is print to order, so unfortunately we cannot accept any returns unless there is a manufacturing error. We are happy to ship a sample of the mat you are considering.
 Click here to order a sample swatch!


How do I clean my mat?

The mats can easily be swept, vacuumed, or spot-cleaned. You can also throw them in the washing machine with a bit of detergent on the gentle cycle. Do not put your mat in the dryer! Let it air dry flat.

Can I get a mat that is even bigger than the largest size (46" x 66”)?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot print a larger mat. Customers frequently buy 2 mats and tile them side by side to create a larger look. Since they are skid-resistant, they don’t slide around or end up on top of each other.

Can I get a mat that is smaller than the smallest size (23" x 36")?

We cannot print smaller sized mats. You can easily cut one down to make a smaller size by using a straight edge and a box cutter. For an additional $66 per mat, we can cut it for you.

Can I get a mat that's a different shape?

Unfortunately, we cannot make custom shapes. We are always trying to expand our line and we hope to include some new sizes soon! You can a Join our mailing list and stay up to date on our new products.

Can I get one of the mats in a different color or even with my own design?

Sorry! We cannot make mats with custom colors or designs. We are always happy to hear your feedback and would love to hear what colors and designs you would like to see in the future. Drop us a line!

What does the mat feel like?

The mat is soft and a bit squishy. It is similar to the feeling of a mouse pad. It’s really comfortable to walk, crawl, or sit on.

Where should I put my mat?

The look great anywhere in your house! We especially love the small ones under the kitchen and bathroom sink or by the shower or tub. The large ones are great for living and dining areas. They are also excellent play mats for children's rooms. 

Can I use my mat outdoors?

Yes, the mats are for both indoor and outdoor use. But try to keep them out of direct sunlight, as the sun will fade them.

Do I need to buy a rug pad to go under my mat?

There is no need for a rug pad. The mats have a rubber backing and are skid-resistant. This makes them great for high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and children’s rooms.

Will the mat fit under my door?

The low profile of the mat allows doors to pass over them easily.  They are a little over 1/8 of an inch thick.

Where are the mats made?

Our mats are designed and made in the USA!!

Can I wholesale your products?

Please contact us for all wholesale inquiries by emailing sales@domestic-construction.com. Currently all mats are available for wholesale. We can also lead you in the right direction for our other sourced and designer items.